Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Why Do I Do What I Do?

Rick Moore posted this comment to the post below:
I wondered how you got involved in this area. Thanks for reprinting the article - I must have missed it when it first came out in the Register. Good luck with this valuable ministry.
Here's what I posted back to him:
Hi Rick,

How did I do this? With a lot of guts and a lot of heart!

When I read in the paper what happened to Erin Rose, I just couldn't believe these things were happening to our kids!! I knew someone had to do something real and different. Being "Just a Mom" all I knew was that the kids and the parents need to see and feel what's happening in the hopes it will help their kids.

What better way to do that than to go see these families and let them tell their stories for everyone else to learn from? I kept this a self-funded documentary, so it could stay pure! All of the families were free to say whatever they wanted. I think it was worth the cost.

You see, what really scares me, and many of the parents too, is when we think about the future for all of the teens and young adults who choose to take ecstasy, ketamine, GHB, oxy-contin, DXM and the list goes on and on.

These drugs seem to take them much quicker, either with death or other problems.

I think all of us as a society should be very concerned about this! How many will be on SSI for life and other aid, because they can no longer funtion, not to mention all the other resourses needed to help rehabilitate?

This is a big problem that, until people see it for what it really is, will only get worse. I don't want millions to die or be maimed for life before anyone cares. I say we need to care now to help prevent tragedies.


Thank you so very much for asking!!

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